The Punk Museum is a grouping of like minded artists/musicians brought together by creator Tequila Mockingbird, To Recreate the Art, Sound, and Feeling of the 80s punk community.
chapters include: London Punk Museum, New York Punk Museum,San Francisco Punk rock museum,Berlin Punk Museum, Los Angeles Punk Museum, and our affiliated FB sites, Los Angeles Punk Rock Underground Library,  The Punk Museum,  Punk Museum presents Punk TV, and of course Tequila's own : Tequila TV on U- tube and FB!
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Tequila and Professor Jessica Schwartz & UCLA Podcasts and Tequila TV pay tribute to the past with their newest project
check out their episodes. 
All our events are filmed for Public Access television and can be see on Tequila TV and  are archived as a body of work in the Punk Archives at UCLA..

Chapters  :
San Francisco Punk Rock Museum:
Berlin Punk Museum:
Valerie Darmoris.
 our Partners in Negripelisse  France,are : Mad Monsterz,with Nhell &   crew, and the London
Punk Museum  has Mikey and Ray.
our New York Punk Museum has Mavis Hume and  Jasmine Hirst
site creator
Tequila Mockingbird/Andre Lambert 
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upcoming events

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weirdos musician zander Schloss sign posters for curators

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our one year anniversary

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Debora Iyall & Meri St. Mary

Sid Vicious, photo by Anette Weatherman (available as T-shirt )

Exene Cervenka

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Small Heading

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Lemmy & Tequila

Beyond Baroque show


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